The history of our Stud tkes us back to the 2nd Earl of Sobral, D.Luis de Mello Breyner (18o7-1876), whose devotion to horses had as result several prizes in Portugal and abroad. It was however the 3rd Earl of Sobral, D.Hermano José Amalric Braamcamp de Mello Breyner (1840-1905), one of the founders of the Turf Club, who generated excellent conditions to breed and training the Pure Lusitano including the construction of a school and housing for the trainers.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, D. Manuel Braamcamp Sobral, later on his daughter Sophia, and after her sons continued this family tradition. The Casal Branco stud has today a privileged role in the selection and improvement of the breed. Its horses have revelant play in the dréssage, bullfight and sports. .

Great names of the equestrian art have acquired some of our animals such as Pablo Hermozo de Mendonza, Á lvaro Domecq and João Ribeiro Telles (Bullfight), Luis Valença Rodrigues and Nuno Oliveira ( Training Masters). George Bowman ( English Dréssage Champion), Catherine Durand (Dréssage) with our horse " Gafanhoto", among others.