EU Co-financed Projects




Project Title | Tradition Wines - Recognition beyond borders

Project Code | ALT20-01-0752-FEDER-013425

Main Objective | Increase competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Intervention Region | Alentejo

Beneficiary | Casal Branco – Sociedade de Vinhos, S.A.

Approval Date | 14-01-2016

Start date | 21-09-2015

Conclusion Date | 20-09-2018

Total eligible cost | 202.950,00 EUR

European Union financial support | FEDER – 91.327,50 EUR

National / regional public financial support


Objectives, activities and expected results

Casal Branco - Sociedade de Vinhos, S.A., headquartered in the heart of Ribatejo and linked to Cruz Sobral family for several generations, has over 1,100 hectares of land and a 200 year agricultural and wine tradition.

Casal Branco's state pioneered technological innovation in Ribatejo, as it was the first steam cellar in the region.

Located a few kilometers from Almeirim and with its vineyards located in the Tagus River left bank through an area of 140 hectares, the company focuses mainly on the production of Portuguese grape varieties, and more recently the production of international grape varieties. grow substantially.

Taking company's medium / long term strategy, it applied for SI Internationalization of SMEs, with the objective of supporting its internationalization strategy.

The company presents as target markets in the investment project:

Brazil | United Kingdom | Belgium | Poland | USA | Venezuela | China | South Africa | Angola | India | Russia | Germany | Switzerland.

The objective of this investment project is company achieve an export intensity of 77.23% in the post project year.

To make this possible, the company has defined a strategic action plan, which it intends to comply with during the investment project's execution period, namely in:

- Marketing plan;

- Communication Materials;

- Participation in trade fairs and specialty competitions;

- Promotional and prospecting actions;

- Creation of qualified job;



Project supported and funded by EU Funds under the SI Internationalization Scheme for SMEs.