About Us

About Quinta do Casal Branco

Founded in 1775, the property today is now spread over 1,100 hectares. Of these, 119 hectares are occupied by vineyards in heathland soils. The Braamcamp Sobral Lobo de Vasconcelos family property is one of the most emblematic properties on the Tagus south bank. The first Quinta do Casal Branco winery dates from 1817. The beginning of the 20th century was marked by a profound intervention carried out by D. Manuel Braamcamp Sobral throughout the property, with the introduction of steam machinery, planting of new grape varieties, modernization and winery expansion as well as other infrastructures.

The strong focus on wine production has started a tradition marked by innovation, quality and consistency of wines produced until today. Quinta do Casal Branco is a privileged place to enjoy multiple experiences around wine.


Our mission is create and give wines that promote the well-being of most refined and demanding consumer.


For Quinta do Casal Branco, tradition, trust, commitment and passion are our foundations


Produce quality wines in a terroir adapted to the demanding consumers of each market.