Our Wines

For over two centuries, Quinta do Casal Branco has been dedicated to wine production. For eight generations the mission has been to provide extraordinary experiences from the wines they have created.

Two hundred years of continuous work, that main objective is meet infinite diversity of wines around the world.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine Monge

A strong desire of innovation and an extreme wine and vineyard dedication allowed Quinta do Casal Branco it's first sparkling harvest in 1992. Exclusively from Castelão variety, was born a sparkling white wine of exceptional quality, produced using classical method. The name Monge, was consensual a simple way to honor Benedictine monk who discovered the method of sparkling production in the 19th century. XVII, in the Benedictine Abbey of Moiremont.

Super Premium


From old vineyards set in lands that were once royal hunting, between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, best grapes are harvested. From vineyard to the bottle, each production stage is carefully accompanied by a dedicated team, producing unique wines that honor more than 200 years of Quinta do Casal Branco Winery. Falcoaria wines are made from centuries-old grape varieties, only in exceptional quality years, giving rise to premium, balanced, noble and persistent wines.


Quinta do Casal Branco

Quinta do Casal Branco wines appeared in the mid-nineties of the twentieth century, initially intended for demanding England market. The strong identity, family tradition, refinement and elegance of these wines quickly allowed them conquer worldwide markets.


Terra de Lobos

Terra de Lobos wines honor D. Sofia Braamcamp Sobral Lobo de Vasconcelos and her husband Francisco Lobo de Vasconcelos, who developed and consolidated family project started in the 19th century. XVIII. Constant improvements in vineyards and production methods along with a long-term strategic vision consolidated wine production emerge Terra de Lobos wines. Young, fruity, elegant and genuine wines.

Terra de Lobos Branco